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in air defense identification zone in the east china sea the zoning codes to think of the island's controlled by japan. china central television reported on saturday and that the patrol involved recognizance plains early warning aircraft and fighter jets. chinese defense officials announced the zone on saturday when they said the aircraft entering its most around notified chinese old forties of flight plans and obey instructions the ministry warned of emergency defensive measures if the instructions are not follow. ten is declared zone called the overlaps that of japan. officials explained that the intent to seek god's sovereignty and territorial and in their states observers say china is ratcheting up pressure on japan to acknowledge a call that of sovereignty over the sink of islands which china and taiwan also claim japan maintains the islands are an inherent part of its territory in terms of history and international law. japan self defense force's scrambled aircraft around noon on saturday after radar detected why eat and t u won fifty four chinese because those plants. thou
they declared an air defense zone over islands controlled by japan. >>> some u.s. lawmakers are skeptical about a deal to limit iran's nuclear program, saying sanctions should not be eased. >>> the new u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, is touring areas affected by the 2011 disaster, saying her country will continue to offer support. >>> chinese officials find themselves at the center of a diplomatic dispute. over the weekend, they announced that they'd set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. that drew immediate criticism from japan, south korea, and the u.s. and now the chinese are criticizing the americans for how they've reacted. the zone includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands, china and taiwan claim them. in terms of international law, japanese officials launched a protest and u.s. officials said they were deeply concerned. now china's foreign ministry has released a statement criticizing the americans for taking sides. the document urged them to stop making irresponsible remarks. the document says the chinese launched a p
beijing on tuesday defying the declaration of a new air space defense zone in the region. they well, i knew that the department of deafen has commented on that specifically, which happened, i believe just earlier today. there was also reports, which this is all related. let me speak to these about the november 23rd announcement that china has established in east china sea air deafen identification zone. action appear to be an attempt change the status quo in the east china sea. confrontation and accidents. we have made this case to china assistant secretary raised u.s. concerns with the ambassador on november 23rd. the ambassador also rewe are rated our concern in beijing and urged chinese to exercise caution and restraint. we're consulting with japan and other affabilitied party throughout the region in response to these announcements. >> reporter: it need to be resolve diplomatically. as for the u.s. intervening this way. isn't it inflammation and increasing tension? >> well, we we are continuing to encourage our partner. one thing, actually, let me say on this. we don't -- we did --
been times when chinese air defense fighters have scrambled and in some cases operated in a very aggressive ofner that increase the risk -- fighterave chinese scrambling and consistently intercepting japanese or korean or other aircrafts and any kind of aggressive or sitter way, you are by definition increasing the -- or some other way, you are by definition increasing the risk of someone -- it then becomes a strategic crisis, another incident or something like that. i think this is an unnecessary provocation. what needs to happen is some serious negotiation among the parties that make claims to these islands and steps to ratchet back the tension and not escalate them in this manner. ok. let me move on to the last question. in the defense strategy in the middle east and asia, should the united states slowly decrease its commitment in the middle east? at the same time, enhance or increase its commitment in the so-called pivot? that it firm believer is in the rebalance. as we have relatively more bandwidth available coming out too long ground wars in the middle east and south asia,
it was a scramble to find testament and defense identification downtown established upper part of the east china sea. children will occur this expense and for the chinese air force as saying. monday was sent to find tennis on friday. cook says the chance to talk because japanese and us ministry and cropped hair and ten china's hours now without giving prior notice. this is the post her name in chinese commanders have announced a scrambled because alex is a step is to ask son to die and the expenses sent to us abandons paint and ten japanese aircraft including f fifteen jets and attack the enemy act and its expenses said china's air force in the peak on one extreme or an aircraft that a riot act. chinese authorities have said and puffed and things as souness must notify them of flight plans and obey instructions. they don't they'll take what they called a majesty defensive measures if the instructions on top the intervening days and stay still to this end components japan can chill with cannons and maintains the baton to the country historically an intensive international. china and taiwan acclaimed
self defense force aircraft in china is new and defense identification zone. although the remark came up to friday's announcement by china. it has crumbled if i can shoot a scene is called to ministry at croft from japan cents tn in the us and telling did so. well the dow said he has been informed the dumbest most of whom approached by chinese aircraft as announced by china. we've even done to prove it would've been if there was no special circumstance that needs to be made we will continue our monitoring activities. it's getting silly with us the house and it is important to japan and china to respond calmly to the situation he said. it is only rational to exercise the toll was trying to prevent unforeseen contingencies. chinese all for the steps of santa ana ca often coming to self must notify them of flight times and obeying day instructions they warned that will take what they called emergency defensive measure as if the instructions will follow the area includes the space of august in kochi japan controls the items and maintains that they belonged to the country historically hav
level, he's got acceleration. when they block on the defensive backs, you mess around, and he will take it by you and go to the end zone. >> brent: another big play, another 30 yard game. >> kirk: they're going for 600 yards of offense tonight. >> brent: so when you think about oklahoma state and boone pickens stadium, folks, they're about to become 17-1 in the last 18 games here. so for some much us, it was a little bit surprising when they were a huge underdog at home. the win tonight makes them 17-1 in the last 18 games here in boone pickness stadium. and that was glidden, return man over there. this would give them a seven-game win streak after the loss. and mike gundy, he spent a year as an assistant coach at baylor in 1996. he was an assistant there. and one thing about the baylor program, when you look around waco, within four hours, there are 100-150 division i prospects every year. i'm not surprised they have turned this around. second down and six. childs the ball carry as the clock ticks away. did they turn it over? was there a strip down there? baylor thinks they got the foo
to be a game. when you look at the san francisco 49ers, they are playing great defense but the most important part of the team and that's the quarterback position. kaepernick is struggling and if they doesn't get it rolling with consistency, we might have problems. >> i'm going to get your opinion on that and also, the washington redskins. the 49ers playing the redskins and they're playing them tomorrow. we got a preview and we'll find out what's wrong with colin kaepernick when we continue. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears? i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce. i'll eat it with my... sppoooooonnnnn haaaaaands! what? i can't hear you... talk into my elbow! >>> first, our nissan player of the day, the world cup of golf. final hole leading by one and day knocks his approach and just left of the flag. in for the par and he wins in front of his home fans and jason day is a good guy, playing with a heav
't blink an eye on them last week. poetry self defense force announced as part of the largest ever broader mission undertaken by the sdl. one thousand one hundred personnel are engaged in activities such as distributing supplies and setting up medical facilities team members described the reaction to the devastation. the more you know it was extremely shocking the destruction around here is hard to believe. at least one thousand two hundred thirty five people have been confirmed dead and with the one thousand six hundred are still missing. most of those killed were innocent of pipes everything i meant soon enough. some parts of the ira and are still inaccessible by road. we hope to send relief supplies to those areas. at that moment and i'm not. yet in bangkok and i. bank of japan governor howard koch wrote this as the central bank will be able to achieve its two percent inflation target in about two years as planned billie says the goal is ambitious. but sent the tape and cut it i've become the slope of the international stronger now it's done. basically the war was always to become peace
a president who knows how to use defense and diplomacy. in times like this we need a leader who can be tough without being a cowboy. >> he certainly has a chance to prove that. he has karzai and he have things developing with the iranians and the new challenge with the chinese which may be in fact the most dangerous of the three current activities of the and that doesn't count iraq, syria, libya, you name it. >> i'm glad we've got a cool hand, no reckless cowboys. >> we're going to discuss how cool that hand is in a minute. in the crossfire tonight, peter bienert and bill crystal. this was a very significant development. and frankly raises some serious questions. the chinese, as you know, have been claiming more and more and more expansive position. we have a map that shows our viewers, the chinese are currently claiming all the way out into the east china sea and into the south china sea. they claim islands that the japanese claim. they claim, i think, within 100 or 150 miles of manila. it is an enormous area. they now have announced that they're asserting that this is an air defense zone.
. >> the aspen institute hosted a roundtable discussion today on defense related topics including the iranian nuclear deal, budget negotiations and congress and the upcoming afghanistan withdrawal. among the speakers was michele e flournoy, former undersecretary of defense for policy on the president obama and philip -- philip zelikow who served as part of george h. to be bush's national \street/{-|}street council. this is about an hour and 20 minutes.i'm sorri'm >> thank you all for coming and i'm sorry i'm not nick, but her in and i'm pulling myself together. some going to get brirefly introduce michele and philip. i see a number of people in the audience who were after and can simply better weather last summer. soth michele flournoy is the 20 senior advisor from 2009-2000 o luscious undersecretary of defense for policy. she was the principal advisor tn the secretary of o defense and foreign relations of national securityty defense policy d operations and so forth. i interviewed her a number of times. she was very cautious. we knew she knew a lot. she never told us very much. she's also a s
back on their behalf? can we only play defense? tom? >> that's a big debate. whether hacking back is works. so i think there are two questions when we talk about hacking back. one is that it allows legal -- is it legal? the other is it deliver results? let ignore that for a moment. i had the conversation with a couple of companieslet not name them here. i have yet to see the -- the evidence it delivers results? only example we have in the public domain is somebody hacking back is quite a funny one. it happened in georgia. three years ago where somebody apparently from russia hacked the georgia ministry and try to exfiltrate the document. and the computer emergency response team in georgia found out something was fishy and they actually put a pdf fire rigged had malware embedded and something fancy like nato agreement. so the russian hacker apparently stepped to the trap and hacked him and took a video of the guy and picture with his web cam. it's a guy sitting there and his wife in -- >> if anybody hasn't seen the photograph. go home tonight and dig it up. it's exactly what you th
that the area falls within its new in defense identification zone. the pentagon said to the us b fifty two bomb was the following normal procedures which do not include filing flight plans maintaining radio contact for registering their frequency. they are there tom took off from la mall mumbai and the flight was previously scheduled as part of a routine exercise in the area pentagon officials said the us use the area as international its place and american military aircraft were built right in the sun as before without submitting flight plans to china in advance. china announced its decision to establish the east china sea air defense identification zone on saturday. the chinese defence ministry made it clear that establishing the sun aims to set aside time for early warning of potential threats that helps defend the country's aspects china's ambassador to the united nations uga he said it is all china's legitimate right to defend its aspects. beats the national league east indies the lights off. every country school. defends its airspace and also to make top bets on its territory meet at the
we're following this hour. >>> two u.s. war planes have flown through china's new air defense identification zone without warning chinese authorities. >>> thai security forces are looking to arrest an opposition leader as the political confrontation rages on. >>> and japanese lovers of astronomy are getting ready for the space show as comet isod approaches the sun. >>> u.s. commanders have defied their counterparts in china. over the weekend, chinese leaders said they were establishing an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. u.s. defense officials promised they would challenge the zone and now they've revealed two u.s. bombers flew through the area without informing chinese authorities. pentagon spokesperson colonel steve warren said the planes took off on tuesday from the u.s. pacific territory of guam, then entered the zone. they are reported to be b-52 bombers. warren said the planes were not armed, and he said the flights were part of a planned exercise. he said the u.s. aircraft were neither observed, nor contacted by chinese planes. chinese authoritie
client is not being given the chance to present all the evidence in his defense at the state of goa. it's stripped of his senate seat that a steady with his immunity from arrest as he faces at least two of the criminal friends. this could be his will to do the talking and then onto for so long it's been a dominant force in a town in politics crazy and spent another night in the co host of bunting a european feel to set precedents that what the eu is offering his country when the dna code which went on television to explain his cute n on signing a trade deal with the bill granting extend some financial aid to the ukraine as him in the eight ing. it was true. i don't want to be rude to you just have to humiliate us like this casino when all the children you combine this with candy. when the malignant and economic pressure from moscow. yet at the beach but instead read the linked retold in russia he will however still attend this week's eu summit in vilnius the leaky leahy as confident as the traffic routes in kiev encouraging them to chris lien debt credit and. the it's a difficult read i
that they'd set up an air defense identification zone us commanders promised the talons the zone they pulled through by flying to the fifty two bombers to the area without informing the chinese and its key roles considering a mom with all reports. us defence officials said the two planes people breaking the flight training they seem cool. indeed two and two. they say the police were local the film was hit by a china including the space with a single client. to control. the china and taiwan clean japan maintains that the single coolest built to the country historically and in terms of the national mall. china has said it may respond with force croft entering the film failed to provide identification and fun. but to us. officials said they gave no note. and there was always pulls from china the us military plans to continue flying across the zone china's defense ministry issued a statement saying the place was immediately identified and one each year to all the flak china's foreign ministry spokesperson says. different situations will be dealt with accordingly. what will you look to cool down
>>> welcome to this week in defense news. canada and the united states have agreed to greater cooperation in the pacific. we will talk to the chief of canada's armed forces. first, what the deal to freeze iran's nuclear program means for international security. the six-month deal with iran brokered by the five u.n. security council members aims to cripple economic sanctions. they counter the talks are the only way to halt an iran that is months away from getting the bomb. joining us matt kranig a former dod advisor. welcome to the program. matt, let me start with you. is it a good deal? >> for years iran's nuclear program has been advancing getting closer to the nuclear weapons breakout capability. this freezes their program in place. that's a good thing. critics point out it leaves far too much of iran's nuclear program in place for comfort and that's true. so over the next six months is what we are going to do is negotiate a more comprehensive deal with iran that would have the effect of rolling that progress back. in short, now comes the hard part. >> there is concern that
their defense though. but the response is reportedly a firm no the lawmaker i chose to announce that he will form a committee to lay the foundation for a new political party state obligations that just was the trade ministry of poser record current account surplus on strong exports of cars semiconductors and bhopal phones from sunday's begins. what i hear is the third state of over twenty eight here in korea one from stolen from him thank you so much for joining us. we begin with a high level defense stocks between korea and china held here in seoul over beijing's controversial designation of its military year so despite the government's protest on this thursday china responded by refusing to comply with souls demand for refined sufficient defence minister a correspondent and then pass the teacups. it looks like the ongoing arizona rao in the east pacific region may escalate further. as china is not budging an inch on its newly declared air defense down which overlaps with korea's air defense now during the third round of korea china defense strategy talks between korea's vice defense m
established at defense identification zone in the east china sea combat the problem carry out that that rose to strengthen monitoring of the sound thomas us that the trains are a defensive measure and fully in line with common names national practices but a statesman or sits as the chinese consulate is maintaining the status of hauling loads and would take appropriate measures to deal with any threat to china's aspects announcement follows recent incidences us japanese and south korean friends answering is down. we got to informing china a flight times. china's present the sound began on the stick japanese news a bright new miu unleashing violence as japan would expand its defense identification zone on a two point point is near the border of the sound of the elite old sock responding to regime in tokyo for more on that. this new loans though it is dedicated to when all the salad i islands the witches says south to take him in the west pacific it's not that anyone close to the senate i know any of that. cajun accent piece but that vista. and in so that it considered not to arm strength and
are hearing more criticism about their decision to set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. a white house spokesperson called the announcement unnecessary inflammatory. japanese officials want the chinese to revoke the measures. chinese officials announced on saturday that they had set up the zone that includes air space over the senkaku islands. japan claims the islands belong to the country. china and taiwan also claim them. chinese officials said aircraft entering the air space must obey instructions. they warned of emergency defensive measures if their instructions are not followed. japanese prime minister shinzo abe called the creation of the zone very dangerous and said it could escalate the situation in the region and lead to unintended consequences, and he said the measures have no validity on japan. japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts in the u.s. and other countries to have the chinese retract the measures. disputes in the region should be resolved diplomatically. a pentagon spokesperson said u.s. forces will not change how they conduc
's new air defense identification zone without forcing chinese authorities. thai security forces are looking to the opposition leader property has a political issue. rick is on. and these lovers the best that we are getting ready for this show as comet. i started this site china has optional regional tensions with its declaration of a new era defense identification zone over a wide area above the east tennessee us b fifty two bombers have now flown through the area. he gave no advance notice of their flight as china has demanded china did not respond militarily. nhk world the helium a motel has more us defence officials said that to please people. it's great to know flight training they seem cool. indeed two and three. they say the police will call the film was hit by a china including the space with a single client. japan control the china and taiwan clean japan maintains that the single coolest been known to the country. historically and in terms of international role. china has said it may restore its forms. croft entering the film failed to provide identification and fun. but
the pentagon sent two b 52 bombers over the air defense zone. >>> thanksgiving delay - a storm delays people across the country. most are getting where they need to go. >>> a deadly crane collapse at a soccer stadium in sao paulo, as the stadium gets a fays lift for next year's world cup. >>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. >>> the affordable care act is taking a hit. the white house where are says the online platform for health insurance sign ups will not be ready as planned. mike viqueira reports from washington. >> it's not the catastrophe that is. it's a log on the fire of the anger and frustration that many are filling. even administration officials conceded it's a disaster and a debacle. a one-year delay. if you own a small business, you are in no way compelled or required to offer employee-sponsored health insurance. many want to do that. this website was designed to help them do that, and there are tax credits involved if small business owners want to move forward and offer the insurance. what happened now, as a result of many of the problems, they are
. >> tim: trey flowers is hurt. one of their great pass rushers, one of those outstanding bookend defensive ends. a reminder. coming up, adam zucker, brian jones and spencer tillman with "the jeep post-game show" immediately after our game not only to discuss what's happened today and elsewhere besides tiger stadium but what's in store tomorrow for the iron bowl game coming up, a ticket to be punched to atlanta for the s.e.c. championship game also to be seen on cbs a week from saturday. first down for jennings. henry at the bottom of your screen, boone at the top. got away from pressure again and throws toward the boundary, incomplete. intended for boone. >> aaron: that's what l.s.u. has to do against a mobile quarterback, against johnny manziel this is what arkansas has to do. get up field. stay in your rush lane, maintain lane integrity and on the outside edges with your defensive backs, they've got to be able to pressure this young quarterback like they did to force the incompletion. this theoretically lends itself to the strengths of this arkansas defense. >> tim: still one time out re
discussion today a doctor. he previously served here as for r research fellow defense and homeland security special us by versed in operations and saoeub cyber security. e served for three decades as an army special forces officer and top pentagon official. he continued at deputy agon as assistants homeland defense. lead consultant on ibm policy.r lease join me in welcoming dr. steve. to tell you we seldom et the timing of this right on an event. this event was planned thinking the ond be commenting on going discussions, instead we ow have to comment on what apparently is a deal. a rare treat here with the panel that we have. i'm going to introduce them their so we can get to remarks. we'll start with our colleague here at heritage jim phillips. middle eastern analyst. he has focused on the middle international terrorism since 1978. fellow atmer research the congressional research service and is a consultant to security counsel, department of defense and the international republican institute and he's a member of editors on middle east quarterly. e'll be follow by patrick clawson. he has e
's a dull yellow big story is brewing in an off the stage and has been the last open days on the defense ministry here in china now coming out and addressing some of the reaction that we've seemed to be stuck with one of a new and defense identification zone covering the east tennessee the ministry has been far to find that the soldier does not signify an expansion of china's as phase two of the press conference under the soft new defence ministry spokesman young looking into it saying that the edison zone has been established as a precaution to have china better defend its national security are young will sustain the japan had established a man defense identification zone oval for decades ago when he was not specifically about the dispute the island's dispute between china and dubai he said. geological conditions will be high the overlapping off the two tdi scenes. john is also a job out of the united states both of whom have reacted with concern to the status and off the cd i see chaz osteen both those countries to end the accusations against china on the back of the establishment of t
officials have rejected a call from south korea to revise their new era defense identification zone as nations continued to define it. thailand's prime minister has called for an end to protests after she scored a victory in parliament. but her opponent about to carry on until she wins. and competition is heating up the japan trip and orchards with duty free shopping. as the country welcomes a record number of visitors this season. chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more complaints over their newly established air defense identification zone. they've rejected a request by south korea to revise the zone which is over the east china sea. the airspace overlaps areas claimed by japan taiwan and south korea. senior government officials from china and south korea. talk about those only in seoul south korean officials say vice defense minister pics on to our pics soon june expressed regret that authorities in beijing said it out without prior consultation. but his chinese counterpart one one jong reportedly project it's a request to redraw the zone when his deputy chi
ministry please answer in the east china sea and defense identification zone and forced that's meant changing cuz it to find to dance with the galley and forth on friday morning to call him any meds and see response to that and try to recall it says that crops from the us and identified ten japanese planes since it was safe to assume that c and j eleven will planes identified the three and ep three spy planes from the us and ten japanese at crops including e seven six seven p three hundred and fifteen. he said the for small e tax the planes to wrap their flights through this and that force is a fluke and document the appetizing is known as the defense and offense is meant to. and while it's common in cash the pact is on the chinese s forces maintaining the status of a high end handsets and to take measures to deal with any threat to china's and space an announcement closing seconds of the us japanese and south korean planes and trains them to back in form china that my clients one of the sandusky requirements well according to you and fourteen in new york times the us president obama
, with a defense of a decision that we will talk about in the next parliament. i think america is going through much the same debate, and they are uncertain about the world they are in and feel they are in a transition with the shape of a water isnd world war clearly breaking down, but we cannot see what is going to follow us. the uncertainty is the same in both countries. handled, itt was obviously came as a surprise to .he u.s. did that influence their decisions about what they would do? what was their attitude? >> i think there was surprise. if i may say so, i think there was a surprise in london also. inhink there was surprise washington, certainly, and i think the fact that the president had had a vote was one of the factors which influenced so i think we ought to be a little bit less defensive than we can be sometimes on this. the fact is that british policy on syria and the decision of the british parliament are consequential matters for the united states. be a shock war for us. that is the way it is. it is a good thing. is aows our relationship two way one and that we can have some impa
have a play off spot, right now, really. up to the defense of the final minute against tennessee. the finish is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, into a playoff spot with a n against >>> a paeupful game to watch. yes. this season. should of beat indianapolis. the washington redskins and the titans, right? >> yes. would of, could of, should of. the raider his had a chance to move into a play off spot with a win against the titans. he got the start again today. pryor serving as the back up. tied at 3. he never saw the linebacker, brown, who steps in front for the interception. tennessee would get a field goal and they took a 6-3 lead. 9 tea 6 raiders before halftime. stewart, getting his hands on that punt. the raiders take over in titans territory. but, he misses the easy 32 yarder. wide left. the first of 2 misses. in the game. still, raiders, 3rd quarter. now, hunter, who plays. and ross plays like a fidel. hunter for a 54 yard touchdown, thanks to the rookie who went over 106 yards. 16, the raiders get that big play. off of the back. now, gets it. the raiders go on top. 19-12. he finishe
. . >>> japan is backing the united states after it challenged the china's self-declared defense zone in the east china sea, flying two b 52 bombers over a disputed area claimed by both beijing and tokyo. the expanded zone was announced by china on saturday. it said it monitored the aircraft as it flew over. here is the latest reaction from japan, starting with the u.s. ambassador in tokyo. >> unilateral actions like those taken by china with the announcement of an east china sea defense zone undermines security, constituting an attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea, serving to increase tensions in the region. japan has shown great restraint. we urge them to continue to do so. >> translation: the publication of china's air defense identification zone was unilateral, and the backlash from the international community, including south korea and taiwan is strong. we'd like it retracted. we can't accept it. i believe the u.s. is working from the same standpoint. >> this is the china reaction: >> take a look at the territory involved in this - china, taiwan and japan, here
their new air defense identification zone even as nations continue to defy it. >>> thailand's prime minister has survived a no confidence vote in parliament, but protesters occupying government buildings still want her to quit. >>> competition is heating up in japan to attract foreign tourists with duty-free shopping as the country welcomes a record number of visitors this year. >>> chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more xloints over their newly established air defense identification zone. they've rejected a request by south korea to revise the zone which is over the east china sea. the air space overlaps areas claimed by japan, taiwan and south korea. senior government officials from china and south korea talked about the zone in seoul. south korean officials say vice defense minister pick sin ju express regrets that it was set up without prior consultation. his chinese counterpart wang gong jong rejected a request to redraw the zone. the officials say peck told wang that south korea is considering expanding its own air space. they expressed concern that chinese actio
plans to its newly declared defense zone. a failed agreement between the talkse and the eu, against lithuania, strengthening time with eastern europe. and americans get things with a traditional turkey dinner and the famous macy's day parade. thousands lineup to take advantage for the early sales the season. ♪ first, syrian troops have captured a town close to the border with lebanon. it follows days of heavy fighting in which dozens of people were killed among them doctors and nurses. this is the latest victory for the regime after a string of verbal losses. troops pushed into the region cutting operable supply routes. this recent event a tough forced thousands of civilians to join their fellow syrians living across the border in lebanon. the international community must do more to support those suffering. thenio gutierrez believes conflict have -- >> this is the moment for international community to fully understand that the support provided to the counties of the region needs to be strongly announced, sneeze to be really messy because there is a risk for the space if that does
defense -- china unilaterally declaring in the past week the territory claimed by japan, south korea, and taiwan falls under its jurisdiction causing tokyo and the united states to fly their own military planes in defiance. cold.wing hot and on thursday the chinese army deployed several fighter jets over the new controversial air defense identification zone. a spokesman for the air force described the move as merely defensive and the defense ministry -- attempting to reassure neighbors. airstablishment of an defense identification zone does not mean we are expanding the existing territory of airspace but merely an short more effective protection of the country's airspace. >> however, not prepared to you turn on the issue and continued demand for aircraft to deploy -- comply with the new policy. that'sope relative relevant countries airlines and more of late cooperate. chinese commentators have criticized the government for what they consider is a lack of strong response. they'd run global news insist china has failed of offering a timely and ideal response. it will probably undermine
its new air defense zone, ratcheting up tensions in the area. >> the migrants who died coming to europe. we look at how one man's search for a better life ended in tragedy. >> european union leaders are gathered in the lithuanian capital at this hour for a two- day summit to discuss ties with eastern european countries. >> the agenda is expected to be dominated by the sudden decision to scrap lands for closer integration with the european union. >> the german chancellor said she was willing to resume talks with ukraine and that the door was still open for kia to sign the eu trade pact, but she also said she had no hope that the deal would be sealed at this summit. >> meanwhile in ukraine, pro- european groups continue to protest against the government's decision. >> theocrat opposition leader arrived at the eu summit before the ukrainian president, upstaging him. also a champion boxer, he met the eu commissioner and called on the ukrainian president to sign the proposed pact with the eu. >> we want to leave with european family, with european rules, with european life standard
will take an in- depth look at the bookkeeping practices of the department of defense. scott paltrow has been writing issueoing series, this from reuters. first an update from c-span radio. >> house majority leader eric cantor speaking earlier on cbs' morning says he thinks the new -- he went on it to say that it is dangerous and brings a ran closer to becoming a nuclear power. the agreement announced yesterday gives tehran six months to increase access to its nuclear sites in exchange for keeping this element -- the essential elements for its uranium program. france's foreign minister says he expects a european wide decision in several weeks on a partial easing of sanctions against iran. the sanctions eased will be targeted and the decision will be reversible. obama announced the agreement in a rare saturday night on-camera statement from the white house and has since traveled to the west coast where he stops today in san francisco, expected to talk about immigration reform. you can hear his remark slide at 2:35 p.m. eastern time -- his remarks live at 2:35 p.m. eastern time on c-span.
of the diplomatic route over the weekend they announced they'd set up an air defense identification zone over the east tennessee and that drew immediate criticism from japan south korea and the united states and is the world's most popular kid has more. it all started with this announcement. he should have a researcher in their defense identification zone in order to protect our sovereignty granted airspace. defence officials in beijing said aircraft entering the zone maths notified tiny so authorities of fun plans and obey instructions. they want the emergency defensive measures eighteen stocks has not followed. the zoning codes in space over the sink hot climates. depend controls the itunes time and taiwan claimed him. the band maintains that the sink is belong to the country historically and in terms of international law. today he said the prime minister says the law they criticize the action. to know which path to outline his creation of the air defense identification zone is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea it's very dangerous as it could escalate th
in additional defense cuts because of the complicated way the cuts were put in place, it's the pentagon with which will feel the brunt of these new sequester budget cuts. defense secretary chuck hagel has been warning it's already dangerously strapped now. >> these are too deep, too abrupt. the hammer has had to cancel final training rotations for seven brigade combat teams. that's more than 15% of the entire force. air force units lost 25% of the annual training events that keep them qualified for their assigned missions. and marine corps units not going to afghanistan are getting 30% less funding just as the service is facing more demands. >> of course that's brought some republican hawks like senators john mccain and lindsey graham to the table. but there are other conservatives not playing along, and right now more is off the table in negotiations than is on. and though democrats insist new revenues should be part of a new agreement, republicans have been saying that's a nonstarter. >> what we can't afford to do is to keep all the loop hopes that are currently in place and lower the
the next to the broadcast korea's defense ministry said specter and airspace and coaches on two key are linked to the ongoing regional publications from overlapping territorial conflicts. baker start their review of the two thousand fourteen government budget but there are three months late and that has some concerns that the recent parliamentary victory is going to cost the nation to be eight next year when companies that have been hurting for tough sanctions on iraq are hopeful that derives receive nuclear deal will be to the resumption of this next time dun miss begins. hindsight is that it's eight november twenty six here in korea life are full and you see them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with the territorial controversy between korea china and japan which just got a bit more complicated korea's defense ministry on tuesday said that japan's air defence zone includes the korean island of monaco which is located near cheque island. ps it came to a head after time that expanded its own borders over the east china sea. this incident has her top story it turns
air-defense zone. >> pakistan's army gets a chief. he's the most powerful man in the country. we'll get his profile. >> thousands of protesters occupy ministries in the thai capital. still the prime minister refuses to quit. >> the dangerous journey for refugees from somalia to an uncertain future in yemen. . >>> welcome to the show. japan and the united states are standing shoulder to shoulder in challenging china's self-declared air-defense zone in the east-china sea. the americans flew two b 52 bombers from gaum into a disputed area claimed by beijing and tokyo. the chinese government announced the expanded zone saturday and said it monitored the air-croft. the latest reaction from japan, starting with the u.s. ambassador. >> unilateral actions taken by china with the announcement by an east china air defense undermines security and an attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. it only serves to increase tensions. japan showed greater restraint. we urge them to continue to do so. >> translation: the publication of china's air defense identification zone was unilat
one. the is the second headline says our seats and refusing to recognize china's new air defense out in the east china sea the foreign minister says he is to work since already complicated complex in northeast asia. to what south korea and united states wants north korea today oh six three zero the stalled six party talks aimed at breaking out of international isolation in return for giving up its nuclear program had a serious pollution crisis at treating the health and environmental problems and every day. for some carbs in korea is generating big business opportunities the stories and more next time. seo prime time nears its wednesday november twenty seven here in korea microphone line in the common things so much for joining us we begin this evening with the escalating tensions in the north east asia region where china and its neighbors are fighting for control of waters in the east and south china sea from south korea's warning of consequences resulting from time as a parent part brad and everything to us setting fire to the disputed so happens that he has our top story what
an effort to take the temperature of public defense across the country and i visited a lot of public defenders offices, watched a lot of trials and discovered that there was a crisis in the court's that probably all of you are well aware of and really tried to dig in and find out what was going on and where all these problems were arising that we didn't have equal justice 50 years after gideon. what i would like to do is read a little section of the book first and talk for a few minutes and read a brief section. so, the section i'm going to read is in the conclusion because it's about public defenders in a conference i went to with public defenders since i thought there were probably quite a few of you in the audience, you might find it musing. i don't know. the national defenders association opened the conference in washington dc in 2011 addressed the crowd of 300 public defenders with a room with space for many more. does society demonize you? of course. do they suggest you are working for the wrong people? of course they do do they suggest you are work for thugs? of course the
been patrolling international airways. there were times when chinese air defense fighters have scrambled to and in some cases operated in a very aggressive manner that increase the risk of accident. my worry is if you now have chinese fighters scrambling and consistently intercepting japanese or korean or other aircraft in any kind of aggressive or assertive way you are by definition increasing the risk of someone being too much of a hot dog, not being saved, taking a risk, at the tactical level that becomes a strategic crisis, another peer 3 incident or something like that. i think this is an unnecessary provocation. what really needs to happen is some serious negotiations among the parties that make claims to these islands and steps to ratchet back the tensions, not be escalating them in this manner. >> let me move on to the last question and open to the audience, the defense strategy in the middle east and in asia. should united states slowly decrease its commitments in the middle east as people have suggested and at the same time enhance or increase its commitment in asia's
defense zone a unilaterally declared in the east china sea. >> japan, the u.s., and south korea have all sent in planes over the past few days, delivering -- deliberately ignoring china's demand that he be informed of all flights. >> the no-fly zone covers a group of islands claimed by both china and japan. they are currently under japanese control. >> china deployed its planes after the new air defense zone was breached by several american, japanese, and south korean military aircraft without warning. the chinese air force identified 10 japanese planes and two from the u.s. according to officials in beijing. china's establishment of the air defense zone was not directed towards any specific country or target. it is entirely for the purposes of exercising china's right to self-defense, and it will not cause regional tensions. japan is showing verbal restraint. the prime minister said his country wants to deal with the situation calmly and firmly. >> my door is always open for dialogue, and i would like to work hard to deepen relations on all levels through dialogue. >> the confrontation
the series of protests. as expected at the ministry of defense the military and police were well prepared. day by day the protesters had made their presence felt at government ministries. when they arrived at defense headquarters they told those inside that they were armed with trademark whistles and flowers. the goal is to force the government out and introduce political reform. >> translation: we will not let the corrupt system hurt our country. if you ask how long we can keep doing this, we will continue until the people get their victory. >> this was a symbolic visit, an attempt to show solidarity with the military. at parliament the target of the protesters' anger survived a vote of no confidence. the result was never in doubt. prime minister yingluck shinawatra's party and its coalition partners had a comfortable majority in the house. there was speculation that the prime minister would dissolve parliament after the vote and call an election, knowing she and her party would bin again. she has -- win again. she as ruled that out. the prime minister made pleas for talks. >> translatio
is by then secretary of defense robert gates -- "my staff and i learned that it was nearly impossible to get accurate information to questions such as much money did you spend and how many people do you have." secretary robert gates in 2011. a c-span democrat on twitter asks, "is there some a slide on which the dod can begin a comprehensive accounting? how would they audit this behemoth, 40% of the federal budget?" guest: that is an enormous problem. when you have a baseline, you have to have a starting place. the records are so screwed up, they do not have that. most of these systems have existed for years and years and had data put into them manually, people putting in long alphanumeric strings of code, and of course people made typos and that means the data disappears or is erroneous. there is no way of knowing where the defense department is today. one way they are trying to get around this, they were supposed to do a big audit after 2014, a big chunk of the pentagon's accounts, and they are scaling it back to the current year rather than money that is appropriated for previous years because they
for defense and homeland security. he is well-versed in special operations in cybersecurity as well as defense support to civil authorities. he served for three decades as an army special forces officer and top pentagon official. upon retirement for the army comes continued at the pentagon as the deputy assistant deputy t secretary defense, homeland defense and america's security affairs. prior to joining us here, he was a lead consultant at ibm on cyber security policy and is also an adjunct professor of leadership at george mason university and an associate professor of terrorism studies in a cyber security policy at long island university. please join me in welcoming doctor steven bucci. apostates back let me add my welcome to everyone both here and coming on for c-span. i have to tell you, we seldom get the timing of this right on an event. this event was planned thinking we would be commenting on the ongoing discussions. instead, we now have comment on what apparently is a deal. you have a rare treat here with the panel that we have. i'm going to introduce them quickly so we can get to th
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